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Explore the World with Planeteer Social


Explore the World with Planeteer Social

Crypto News India: People have always been looking for a trustworthy source of information that can save them from fake reviews, fake travel agencies & tour operators. The name “Planeteer Social” has been popping up everywhere in an attempt to learn more about the changing face of travel and tourism industry. Excitement will go on building, as the innovative Planeteer Social platform from India promises to revolutionize the way people experience modern travel.

With a mission statement, “Explore the World with Planeteer Social”, Planeteer is committed to building a reliable, informative, sustainable, and socially responsible tourism system. Planeteer is driven by a passion for making a difference in our world, while simultaneously creating unique experiences with the goal of inspiring others to be conscious travelers.

To enhance the utility of the Planeteer platform and considering the financial aspects, we have developed the Planeteer Social Token (PTS).

PTS  token is a utility token of the Planeteer Social ecosystem and applications. It is a crypto asset built to facilitate e-commerce in tourism and other  industries and to reward Planeteers around the world for offering inspiration and relevant information to other Planeteers. For competing in the blockchain space, Planeteer and the PTS token are positioned to specifically service an industry worth trillions of dollars per year and growing.

Cryptocurrency has been gaining traction in the financial world for a few years now, but its use among everyday people and tourists has not spread widely. Planeteer has introduced an innovative hybrid reward system for Planeteer Postcards. It is aiming to bridge the gap between traditional payment systems and cryptocurrency.

Planeteer’s mission is to make cryptocurrency more accessible by making it easier to use in everyday situations. Members will create Planeteer Postcards to share their travel photos and reviews. In its hybrid model, Planeteer rewards Diamonds to its members for creating Planeteer Postcards (Social Media Postings). This extraordinary system offers members the choice of converting the Diamonds into PTS Tokens.

The PTS tokens can then be traded with other users and exchanged on Spot Exchange for other digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Else, members can simply keep on using their diamonds in the Planeteer Market, Planeteer Booking System and so on.

This feature makes Planeteer one of the first platforms to offer its users the ability to exchange their earned rewards for cryptocurrencies. In addition, Planeteer’s groundbreaking technology has made it easier than ever before for users to track their diamond earnings and monitor performance. With this feature, users can maximize their rewards by knowing exactly how much they have earned from each post. 

All the pages on Planeteer system are similar to a business page on a social media platform. Over 300 million business locations around the world will be invited to take control of their already-created pages. The subscription fees and all the fees related will be payable in PTS tokens thus progressively increasing its value. 

Planeteer has come up with a number of ways to utilize Diamonds or PTS. Planeteer will have a Marketplace, a sophisticated Booking System and its own Postcard NFTs. People can use Diamonds or PTS tokens all over the Planeteer system.

Project & Token information: https://planeteersocial.com/

Live Project Website: https://planeteer.social/

Planeteer Social NFT Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/planeteergenesis

Telegram: @Planeteer_Social


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