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Influencers Predict This Play-to-Earn Crypto Might Hit 50x in 2023 – How To Buy It Now!


Meta Masters Guild is one of the hottest topics in crypto news these days and influencers predict this Play-to-Earn coin might hit 50x gains in 2023. Described as the “future of mobile gaming”, Meta Masters Guild is one of the most innovative projects on the market today. The world’s first blockchain-based platform for mobile gaming offers its users a unified solution for all their gaming needs. Here is why experts predict huge returns for this amazing crypto-gaming platform.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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Why Influencers Predict MEMAG Will Explode in 2023?

Meta Masters Guild drew a lot of attention with its highly successful presale, raising $1.5 million in a matter of weeks. MEMAG, its native token, has proven to be a major hit among investors and they can’t get enough of it. Developers are promising that a lot more is yet to come, so let’s see what else Meta Masters Guild has in store for us.

Meta Masters Guild Presale Is Breaking Records

The success of the MEMAG presale is perhaps the best testimony to how much trust investors have in this project. In a matter of weeks, Meta Masters Guild managed to raise an astounding $1.5 million, ending Stage 3 of the presale weeks ahead of schedule. Priced at just 0.013 USDT, MEMAG tokens simply flew off the shelves.

Stage 4 of the presale is just days away, when a new batch of coins will be offered for sale, but at an increased price of  0.016 USDT. All in all, the team behind Meta Masters Guild has planned for seven stages, with the final stage priced at 0.026 USDT. If MEMAG continues selling at this pace, we are not far from Stage 7 and the end of the presale, with little time left for investing.

How To Buy MEMAG?

Getting your hands on this amazing crypto is simple. First, you will need an electronic wallet. If you don’t have one, MetaMask is a good solution, but pretty much any wallet will do. It is recommended that you use a browser version, as it allows for an easier purchasing process. For mobile users, it is recommended to use TrustWallet.

Once you have taken care of the wallet, go to memag.io and connect it. You will be presented with three options: buy MEMAG with ETH, buy MEMAG with USDT, and buy MEMAG with your credit card. Choose your preferred method, enter how many MEMAG you want and you are done. Take note that if you choose ETH or USDT method, you will need to have those currencies in your wallet. Your coins will appear in your wallet as soon as the presale ends.

metamasters 1.45

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What you Need To Know About Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild is a unified Web3 platform offering a single platform for mobile gaming. It is the first such platform based on blockchain. One of the biggest advantages of Meta Masters Guild is that all games will use a single currency MEMAG for all in-game transactions, including rewards and trading.

Considering that Meta Masters Guild is a Play2Earn platform, a single currency offers many advantages, as it allows users to move their funds freely between various games without the need to pay costly transaction fees.

The decision to concentrate strictly on mobile gamins has two major advantages. The first is that mobile gamers have become a dominant group among the gaming population. The popularity of gaming on mobile devices has been rising constantly in the last decade and now represents the biggest sector of the gaming industry. As the implementation of 5G technology spreads, its inherent benefits will speed up the development of already hectic mobile gaming and attract even more users.

The second reason is that mobile games, in general, cost less to develop, both in terms of money and time. This will allow Meta Masters Guild to quickly add new titles, keeping their offer fresh and interesting, thus attracting new and keeping existing users.

Meta Masters Guild Games

All games on the Meta Masters Guild platform will be based on P2E mechanics, providing generous rewards for players. The first game developer that has signed with the guild is Gamearound and it is already developing several titles intended for publishing on Meta Masters Guild.

Speaking to Crypto News Gamearound CEO Gideon Clifton said: “Our goal is to revolutionize the mobile gaming community by introducing fun and rewarding Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, with Meta Kart Racers being the first in the MEMAG launch collection.”

To make sure that the platform will attract as many players as possible, the developers have taken care to include titles representing all popular gaming genres. This philosophy is reflected in their choice of games for the launch collection.

The first three games on Meta Masters Guild are Meta Cart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World. Meta Cart Racers is a racing game, where players can compete against each other in PvP races for valuable prizes. Raid NFT is a fantasy fighting game with both PvE and PvP modes of play. Finally, Meta Masters World is a metaverse-like space for guild members. It is envisioned as an exploration game where content is constantly added, providing endless possibilities for exploration.

Meta Masters Guild Security

The crypto market is plagued with unsavory practices of some developers trying to scam both investors and users with underhand tactics like rug pulling. To eliminate any doubt about the legitimacy of the Meta Masters Guild project, the developers have gone to great lengths to provide assurances. Both the project and the team behind it are audited and verified by SolidProof and Coinsniper, proving without a shred of doubt their intentions.  


>>>Buy MEMAG Now<<<


It is pretty easy to see why influencers predict this Play-to-Earn coin might hit 10x in 2023. A project with an amazing idea, a flawless execution, and run by a trusted team simply can’t go wrong. Meta Masters Guild is a platform that has the potential to change the way we play mobile games forever and the time is running out to get on the bandwagon.

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